Serola Inflatable Pelvic Blocks



Chiropractors who use SOT* blocking techniques will appreciate the benefits of inflatable blocks.

Designed for home or clinic use.

Using blocks is probably the gentlest and most effective treatment available for most sacro-iliac and pelvic rotation (distortion) problems.

Enhanced rocking action: Dr DeJarnette stressed the importance of the rocking action of his original solid blocks. Serola Inflatable Blocks have a foam covered top board, which literally floats on a cushion of air. This helps the body`s respiratory motion to gently guide the pelvis into correct alignment.

Ease of Use: Because Serola Blocks use an air cushion to optimise the rocking principle they can be used on any firm surface. This is a big advantage for patients who use the blocks at home, or when travelling.

Comfort: Like all Serola products, comfort is a key element of the design. No-one likes to complain, but it`s a fact that some people find solid blocks … well, just too solid!

Convenience: Serola Blocks are really convenient for travel. They easily fit in a briefcase or glove box. A pair weighs only 363 grams.

*Sacro-Occipital Technique: A holistic approach to treatment including musculoskeletal, myofascial and cranial techniques

Use: Most Cat II sacroiliac / pelvic rotation problems will show

(a) a difference in apparent leg length and
(b) a difference in buttock height.

To assess: Get your patient to lie on a bench (or floor at home) Lift the legs by the ankles and gently sway from side to side to try to get your patient as symmetrical as possible. Note leg length and buttock height (if any)

To treat: Place one block under the ASIS (the bony point at front of pelvis) on the long leg side and the other under the hip of the other side. Leave for 10-15 minutes. (as in photo c.)
Ask patient to relax the muscles of the buttocks and pelvis. The body`s breathing action will help realign the pelvis and relax painful muscle spasm.

If there is no difference in leg length / buttock height, use as above alternating sides for 5 minutes per side.


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