Sacroiliac Pain in Pregnancy

​When you’re expecting you really need to be at your best. But during pregnancy Pelvic Girdle Dysfunction (PGD) pain is very common.
Mostly the pain is felt in the low back, buttocks and thighs. Some women also suffer severe pain in the front: Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD).

Experts often disagree about the cause of the pain but one thing is certain: research has shown that by using a sacroiliac belt* most women can get immediate pain relief.

There are other maternity supports on the market. Some will leave you feeling trussed up, others cut and bind. The Serola belt is easy to wear, cool and comfortable. It even looks good too.

Endorsed by the Pelvic Partnership

How it Helps

The front of the belt is made of a non- elastic material to give a gentle (but welcome) support under the bump.

At the back, the elastic wings give steady support to the low back and Sacroiliac joints, but still allow freedom of movement.

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“I am absolutely delighted with my Serola belt. I ordered on Tuesday & it arrived on Wednesday. I’m expecting child no. 2 and have always suffered from back pain. The relief this belt provides is awesome. I can’t fault it. Thank you.”


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"Thank you so much. At last someone recognised where my pain was coming from and helped me get real relief. For most of my pregnancy and for months after, I was in agony with constant sacroiliac and SPD pain. From the moment my physio provided the Serola belt I've had tremendous relief. Now at last I can get back to enjoying motherhood. I just wish someone had recognised the problem earlier".

Sarah, Pembrokeshire

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